Waiting is Difficult


Who says that waiting is easy? Kill yourself! Hahaha.


But seriously, it is not. IT IS DIFFICULT, indeed. Because you don’t know if you are waiting for nothing or what. Waiting for someone you love is no joke. But if you truly love him/her you are willing to wait how long it will take.


While waiting, there are a lot of uncertainties. Like, if the other party is allowing you to wait or just giving you false hopes. Somewhat, people who are waiting tend to lose some best moments that life has to offer. Why? Because they are only focus to that someone and they couldn’t explore love. They want to be loyal to their waiting for that someone though it is uncertain if it will fruit into something good.


Like my experience, I am waiting for that same old special girl for I guess, seven years. Hahaha. Kinda short, huh? 😛 But seriously, I don’t know how did I withstand waiting for her that long. I’m the type of person who really and badly hates waiting. Maybe, I just love her seriously that’s why.


I love her since first year high school, up to now that I am an incoming BSBA fourth year student. It is no joke. I really don’t know what she did to me why I love her this much. Though I met a lot of girls, I keep on coming back to her at the end of the day.


Sometimes, I am asking myself. Why do I keep on waiting for her even I can somewhat feel that I’m waiting for nothing?


The answers that come up, she’s all I want in my life forever. I can’t imagine myself living the rest of my life being with some other girls. I imagine my whole darn life being with her. I imagine our wedding. I imagine her as the mother of my four children.


And one more thing, I have already waited for seven years so why would I stop now at the middle of the race? So I keep on waiting. And I believe in destiny. And I believe that we are really destined for each other. Good things come to those who wait. I know, after all this waiting and sacrifices, I will have one of the greatest love story that has ever been writer. As of now, I know God is just busy writing our perfect love story.


All I have to do now is to pray hard that we still end up together someday.





2 thoughts on “Waiting is Difficult

  1. Just keep loving her and keep waiting for her. (period) you’re too young to think about your future with her 😉 so hilarious to even plan to have 4 kids at this time, are you serious?

    • hahaha. opo! seryoso ko. 😛 na-imagine ko na ang BUONG buhay namin. haha. lahat, pati kasal namin. Futuristic eh. Pero hinulaan ako, apat po talaga ang magiging anak ko. Baka dalawang kambal. two boys and two girls. Eh second year hs pa lang po ako iyon na ang gusto ko kaya nga nang malaman ko tuwang-tuwa ako eh. haha

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