Someone to Call Mine

Couples are everywhere. They are very rampant nowadays, showing their affection, passion and love for each other. Lovebirds. I am not writing this to criticize them. I write this because every time I see some of them, I have this wish in me that someday, I will have someone that I can call mine.


I am 19 years old now and I never had a girlfriend. Laugh as much as you want. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that I never been in love to the opposite sex. I’ve been in love, I guess when I was 12. Wahaha! PBB teens! And when we were in third year high school, I courted her and supposedly, I already have a girlfriend but I suddenly stopped wooing her because of pathetic own reasons. But if I am going to look back at it, geez, I let loose of the opportunity!


Opportunity? Why? That girl I love is one of the most famous students in our school because she is so beautiful. Many boys like her and tried to court her but they all got busted. By the way, she is also my classmate. She busted all those boys because she’s not still allowed to have a boyfriend.


We’ve been close to each other once in a while but since I admitted to her that I love her (thru letter) when we were in first year high school, we lost the closeness. And it’s been replaced by uneasiness. But it’s in third year when I’ve got the guts to court her already. Almost two years, eh? Hahaha. Actually, I don’t want to in the first place because I am afraid of rejection. I know for a fact that she isn’t accepting any wooers, so why would I risk, right? But love is all about taking the risks. So, in the end, I did it. I will never ever get a chance to know the answer if I don’t try it. Who knows, I will love the result.


Geez! On the actual moment of asking her if I can court her, pathetic me, I am stammering and stuttering! Haha. My heart is beating inside my chest. But fortunately, I was able to ask her. And you know what she said? Oh my God, YES!!!


I couldn’t believe it! Who would ever thought that the famous student will accept a very ordinary student wooer like me? Geez! But I am so happy. She eve disobeyed her parents for the first time because of me. So I have the premonition that maybe, she likes me too. And that is all insane! Hahaha.


But the sad thing is that, I stopped courting her after almost half a month. Now you know, why I wasted the opportunity. That is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Silly me!


But it doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t love her anymore. In fact, up to now, I love her. And I am waiting for her. I told it to her that I will wait for her after we both graduated. And I will court her in their house just like what she wanted to when we were juniors.


She is already graduate now, and I am still studying. And I can’t wait for one year! I want to graduate now and have a descent work so that I can support my courting for her. Actually, I can’t imagine my whole darn life living with some other girls except her. I want her to be my wife and the mother of my four kids. Futuristic, eh? But I am just saying the truth. I imagine my whole life being with her. I even imagine myself growing old with her.


Now, I don’t have someone to call mine but I know that someday we will get there. I just have to wait and be patient. When we were in first year, I don’t know why I felt that she’s the one for me even though we weren’t going out. The very first time I saw her, that’s it, the sparks and I felt that she’s the one.


I can’t wait for the day that we will do the things we should’ve done when we were younger but I am more excited for the day that we will be together. She’s all I want in my life. I even told myself that if she’s not the one for me, I will better be an old man. Haha. You can imagine how much I love her. That’s why I’m praying hard to God that we are really meant-to-be. I really don’t want any other girl, only her.


But as of now, we have our own set of priorities. Love life? It’s not in the list now. Family first, I guess. But that’s much better. ‘cause I don’t want to enter in a relationship when I don’t have a stable life. I told myself that I will only marry her if I already have a beautiful and wide house and lot in Batangas or Laguna or Cavite and three sports car and a stable job. Hahaha. And I will do everything for it to happen. For myself, my family, my friends and especially to that special girl that I love for seven years. J






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