What if your best friend loves you?

Actually, I’ve written this last year. I just wanted to post it here because it’s the second most popular post in my blog and I just want to share with you my story and my experience. 

A best friend should be a best friend, nothing more… Nothing less. But everything changed suddenly when love strikes her heart.


We’ve known each other since grade school. And many people said that we looked cute together. I am just smiling every time they tell it to us, I’m so used to it. And sometimes, some are asking if we do have a relationship though we haven’t. I wonder how in the world they can say it. Do we really have a chemistry that’s why every time we are next to one another, it is really impossible that none will spit out those words


She knows about me, and I know about her. We can talk anything under the sun and even our future. One time, she asked me if ‘what if in the end, it will be you and me?’


Oh! How come she asked me that. Is there something going on through her? I don’t know.. Still, our friendship goes on.


It was April, we are texting messages to one another. And out-of-the-blue, she confessed. She loves me. God, what will i do?


At first,  I just laughed out loud because i never thought that she will love me after all. I thought we are just best friends, nothing more and nothing less. But she did.


I confided it to one of our friends and he told me that i shouldn’t laugh at it because it is a serious thing. As time passed by, i realized my friend was right. As her confession totally sank in to me, god, I really felt uneasy. I don’t know why.


Even she told me that she’s not expecting me to love her back like the way she does, it’s odd. Awkward. Uneasy.


And you know what, we somewhat lose our friendship though she is just blocks away from our house, maybe my fault because she is still trying to reach me out, through text, but i am not answering her back. And if I do, it is very casual as if we are just ordinary friends. We lose the ‘best friend’s connection’, I mean, after that incident, i can’t tell her my thoughts.. I don’t know.


The idea of her loving me just bugs me. It’s all different after her confession. It feels awkward for me when I can’t love somebody, but not just somebody, my best friend, more than friends. Yes, I love her, but as friends. And it will all be like that. I don’t want to ruin our friendship because it’s almost 12 years since we met.. And that is no joke but then. The ‘love’ for me as a man… It really bothers me..


Maybe you might find me exaggerating or over acting but the catch is. She has a boyfriend who is so jealous with me and they’re still on up to now even I am the one she loves. Isn’t it great?! May I add, she is also waiting for the right time so she and I can be together. Wow!


If you’re on my position, what will you do? Will you drift apart to avoid conflict? Will you stay by her side just for the sake of friendship even you really felt uneasy?


6 thoughts on “What if your best friend loves you?

  1. tell her to break her boyfriend’s heart first (kidding). Find a ways to love her not as her best friend but as her lover, I’m sure your relationship will last and be good as ever.

    • thank you for the advise kaso ngayon nganga kami. nasira na ung friendship eh. text nga lang, parang newbie pa. wla eh. sayang ung friendship. dati nga nung nagkasama kami. na-awkwardan talaga ko ng husto.

  2. I couldn’t help but think of this as some sort of BBC drama 😀 I have no idea what I would do in that situation, I would try and avoid any chances of talking about that kind of thing, I would say to stay by her side 😀

  3. Having a best friend as your lover is a risk. Though everything is a risk, this is one of the things that have “high stakes” since you’ve “invested” a lot in your relationship and fear to lose that and think of what would happen after if you break up. Just like what they say in Economics, “High Risk, High Returns” or what they don’t say, no returns.

    If ever I’m in your position, I would evaluate what I feel for her(though in my definition of love there is no need really to evaluate). If I “love” her, then I would in a heartbeat; if not, then no questions asked but no. Loving is still a process though. I don’t know if I’ve made my point but first and foremost, her boyfriend/relationship, we must respect that commitment and tell her to break up with her current boyfriend(yung maayos na break-up kung may ganun man) if she is really sincere about her feelings about you. The rest would be history.

    Sabi ko na nga ba, sadyang may bestfriendzone. :))

    • uy pinoy ka rin! Hahaha. nakakatuwa naman at nag-effort kang magreply. eco course mo? nose bleed ako sa ‘yo, bro ba? o ate? 😛 thank you, natutuwa ko kasi ang effort ng reply mo. but the sad thing is our friendship is totally ruin? parang ang o.a. let us put it this way. hindi na kami gaanong nagco-communicate to each other at nung minsang magkasama-sama kaming magkakaibigan, awkward! Hahaha. thank you.

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