Missing something

I badly missed the outside world (as if I’m in the Big Brother House LOL), but seriously, I really missed it because for one week, I wasn’t able to go outside our house. Not that I am grounded by my parents but because I’ve been affected by stupid chicken pox. Geez! This is my first week having it. And I think, I will still wait one more week for it to be fully healed.

I missed some breath of fresh air, and I missed doing outdoor activities. I do even miss my high school friends! Surely, if I don’t have this, we will really enjoy the remaining days of the summer break because on June, we will say hello to lot of paperworks, thesis, activities, exams and other stuffs which can really bring so much stress to us. 

Luckily, we have Internet Connection here at home so I can blog the things which are happening to me because if none, geez! I dunno. It’s so boring. I think, with that, I will just write and write poems, songs and stories here. I really love writing! So my precious time wouldn’t be wasted.

How I wish that this pathetic chicken pox will already be gone!

JE, just wait one more week and everything will be back to normal! 😛





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