End of the world.


That is what many people feel every time they heart got so much broken. And I agree with that. I have been through hell too like other people. Having a broken heart is such a damn. And it somewhat gives you a reason to die. Overacting it may seem, but it’s the reality. Only persons who have been badly hurt by love can understand this.


But have you ever wonder what makes a heart break a heart break? Yes, it’s a heart break, ONLY a heart break. But why is it so painful? We all know what a heart break means, what does a person experience during this stage but what makes it so painful?


The hurtful words? The goodbyes? The love?


In my opinion, memories. Memories make a heart break a heart break. Those sweet memories you shared together. Those sweet memories wherein you already planned for your future and you both thought that you are really meant to be but all of a sudden, it’s all over. Those memories which will never ever happen.


That is why it is so painful.


Many of us are clinging to the false hopes being given my memories. Many of us are still hoping that those memories will still be reality because with those memories, you are both happy and thought nothing but yourself. It seems that the world only revolves around you during those days.


But the sad fact is it’s all over and no matter what you do, you can’t bring him/her back. And those memories are now just memories. No matter what you do, they will only be in your mind. Memories. Bittersweet memories. That’s the reason why heart break is so much painful. The reason why many people are still broken hearted even long time has passed by.


But, my friend, we are living in reality. So you have to move on. You shouldn’t be a prisoner of you past. You will likely be a loser if you keep on doing this, staying in your past. Life is meant to be moved forward and not backward. You will just lose all the happy and best moments that life has to offer if you keep on clinging to those false hopes and bittersweet memories.


Try to move on. I know it is not easy. But at least try. You will lose nothing if you try. Those memories, just keep it in your mind but don’t cling onto it. There are still a lot of best things out there and it’s all up to you how are you going to live your life to the full(est). 


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