Me and My RBF!

Me and My RBF!

She is my RBF (not the one I’m referring to my other posts). We’ve been classmates since grade 1, 5, and six up to fourth year high school. We never thought that we will be close like this as we are right now because in the previous years of our childhood, all we did was bragging. I am always against about her opinions and whatsoever. She loves English then, while I love Math. So it was totally a clash!

She is April. “Save the best for last” is really true because we just became super close up to the last moments of our high school life. And since then, we share the same thoughts, opinions and beliefs. Even how we look life and future. Would you believe that even we’re apart from each other, we are thinking the same way? Some kind of telepathy, eh? It’s just a matter of who is going to text first?

We realized that it is not impossible that two people who clashed back then could be the RBFs. That’s why I believe that friendship is more magical than love.

We can talk anything under the sun. Even the craziest things that people could talk to. I am lucky enough because I’ve already found my real best friend (RBF). I know for a fact, that we will be RBF’s until our hair turned gray. There’s no doubt about it. Not all people in this world is able to meet their RBF for life.

I am lucky to have April as my best friend. She is understanding, patient and have a great mind that could see brightness over the most complex things in life. She is the one who can fully and really understand the real me even I don’t even say a single word. She is my number one fan! She is my first reader. She is my RBF and also my older sister. I can be the real me when I am with her. I can show my childishness and other attributes with her.

I just want to post this on my blog because I am proud of my RBF and our friendship that will last for a lifetime.

Thank you for reading! I just want to share to you guys our story.



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