I am an Addict. Care to read?

May 15, 2013- Wednesday

Since my childhood, I am writing but I never get chance to finish a story. All the ideas, plots and conflicts for a certain story are just all in my head.

In my early teens, especially in high school, we did activities such as writing poems. I enjoyed it a lot! And I am one of the persons who finished their poems first but I never get a chance to be on top. I don’t know why. Maybe my efforts then were still not enough.

But still, I love writing. It is my passion.

When I was 15 and got my heart so much broken, I started to get more serious about writing. I even started to write my own songs.  I never thought that I will be madly in love with writing during those days because would you believe that I wrote songs each day of my life?! Sometimes, I can write four song lyrics a day! Haha. Next to oxygen, I can’t live a day without holding a pen and a paper just to write my thoughts. I even thought myself how to play the guitar just to accompany my own songs. And due to constant writing, I can write songs within five minutes. Believe it or not! But it only happens if I am very inspired or feeling such extreme emotions.

There are a lot of things going through my head that I want to write about. Every time I see a paper and pen, I can’t help myself from writing. Even I don’t have any idea I will force myself to have such when paper and pen are in front of me.

And when I’ve got one, I will be surprised that ideas keep on rushing in my head. They do even race! Which will come first? So the tendency is I will forget some of them.

My mom told me that when I was a kid, I can’t write. I really have had hard time writing, even my long name. (I learnt reading first). So, who would ever thought that I will be an avid fan of writing just as I am right now? Actually, I am not just a fan, I am an addict! I am an addict of writing. How could I say? If you came into my room, I have piles of papers and notebooks there. My notebooks which contained more or less 600 of my songs is one of the few that compromised those stocks, so do the drafts of my other stories. Hahaha.

I am proud to be an addict of writing because when my friends read my poems/song lyrics, they’re amazed. Writing is not easy. It takes time, patience and great ideas or inspiration. You may add motives and drives in the list. But most especially, writing should be a passion of a person. Passion. More than a hobby. Without these things, a person can’t finish a certain work.

They say, ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ It also applies to writing. It really paid off and worth it when you finished something that you really exerted your efforts on. The fulfillment is priceless! Especially when it is appreciated by others.

I am an addict of writing that’s why I dream to be one of the greatest songwriters and novelists that the Philippines has ever produced. Even the world, if it may. Writing is my vise and I will never get tired of doing it.



22 thoughts on “I am an Addict. Care to read?

  1. yung sa picture, Yorkie-Maltese kaso di akin, yan yung sa relative ko sa US. Yung dito talaga samin sa bahay, Beagle. Haha di naman, napag-ipunan lang. 😛 Oo maganda roon, maraming ‘greenfields’ malawak pa tapos konti tao sa labas (di katulad rito, haha!) 😀

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